Automotive Battery Jumpstarter with Inflator, Worklight and 12V DC Power Source

Item: PSX2

Looking for a high-octane, easy to use, compact portable power unit at an amazing value to help drive your outdoor activities? The PSX2 is your solution, and then some! This powerful jumpstarter contains an extra high power battery and provides over 1000 Peak Amps of advanced car-starting capability. This unit is perfect for roadster who never wants to be left stranded with a dead battery, and can be used to complete a variety of tasks within any outdoor environment. The high power air compressor is essential for road trips, and is able to fill up a vehicle’s flat tire in seemingly no time at all. You will also enjoy the 12V DC outlet which provides the ultimate convenience when keeping your cell phone and other electronics running at full capacity. You will always know the status of the PSX2 battery thanks to easy-to-understand LED indicators, and in turn, you will always know when the automatic internal charger feature needs to be put to good use! The PSX2 comes with a 4’ DC to DC Power Transfer Cord, an extension cord for easy charging into a wall outlet, and the necessary needle accessory to inflate standard sporting balls.
  • Heavy Duty Extra High Power Battery
  • High Volume Air Compressor
  • 12 Volt DC Power Source
  • 32 Inch Industrial-Grade Cables
  • Heavy-Duty, 400Amp Clamps
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Built-in LED Ultra Bright Work Lamp
  • Built-in Charger – simply use an extension cord for recharging


Volts 12
Peak Amps 1000
Cranking Amps 400
Charger Rating 650mA
Polarity Reversal Protection LED Warning
Battery Type 18 Ah
Cable Length 32 in
Cable Gauge 6 AWG
Cable Material Pure Copper
Clamp Material Steel with Copper Jaws
Worklight Type 3 LED
Air Compressor (PSI) 260
Voltmeter Style Gauge
Dimensions 12.21 in x 10.71 in x 9.29 in
Item Weight 20 lb

  • PSX2
  • PSX2
  • PSX2
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  • PSX2


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