Automotive Battery Jumpstarter with Inflator, Worklight and 12V DC Power Source

Item: PSX

Whether you need a jump starter for your vehicle, a high pressure air compressor for your tires or some extra light on the side of the road as you perform these tasks, the new PowerStation Jump starter and Air Compressor does it all. The new and improved rugged jumpstart unit easily starts dead batteries in seconds without the need for another vehicle. It also easily inflates vehicle tires with its high power 260 pounds per square inch built-in air compressor and works as a 12 Volt power source for all of today's high tech devices.
  • 12 Volt power source
  • Portable vehicle jumpstart
  • 18 ampere-hour battery with jumper cables
  • High pressure air compressor
  • LED work light
  • Carbon fiber face for added ruggedness


Volts 12
Peak Amps 1000
Cranking Amps 400
Charger Rating 650mA
Polarity Reversal Protection LED Warning
Battery Type 18 Ah
Cable Length 37 in
Cable Gauge 4 AWG
Cable Material Pure Copper
Clamp Material Steel with Copper Jaws
Worklight Type 3 LED
Air Compressor (PSI) 260
Voltmeter Style Gauge
Dimensions 13.4 in x 11.5 in x 9 in
Item Weight 21 lb

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